Disabled Refuge Systems

We are committed to providing comprehensive safety solutions that cater to everyone, including individuals with disabilities.

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A disabled refuge system allows 2 way communication from a designated safe area within a building, where people with disabilities can wait for assistance during an emergency evacuation. These areas are equipped with the  communication devices to ensure that individuals can alert rescue teams of their location and the need for help. Disabled refuges are typically located in fire-resistant sections of a building, such as stairwells or landings, providing a secure place to wait until it is safe to evacuate or until help arrives.

What we offer

Our Disabled Refuge Solutions are designed to ensure that all occupants have a safe place to wait for rescue during an emergency.

Compliance with Regulations

Ensuring compliance not only enhances safety but also helps avoid legal penalties and supports your commitment to inclusivity.

Fire-Resistant Construction

Disabled refuge areas are constructed with fire-resistant materials to provide a safe environment during an emergency.


Proper signage and lighting are critical for ensuring that disabled refuge areas are easily identifiable and accessible.


We provide training and conduct regular drills to ensure that building staff and occupants are familiar with the location and use of disabled refuge areas.

Disabled Refuge FAQs

A Disabled Refuge System is a specialist communication system, installed into a designated safe space within a building, where individuals with disabilities can wait for assistance during an emergency evacuation. These systems allow occupants to contact emergency services or building management and communicate their situation. They are designed to be fire-resistant and provide a secure way for individuals to speak and advise that they not be able to use stairways or other evacuation routes unaided.

Disabled Refuge Areas are crucial for ensuring the safety of all building occupants, including those with mobility impairments or other disabilities. They provide a secure location where individuals can wait for trained personnel to assist with their evacuation. This not only ensures compliance with legal and safety regulations but also promotes inclusivity and accessibility within the building.

Disabled Refuge Systems should be inspected regularly to ensure they remain compliant with safety standards and regulations. It’s recommended to conduct inspections at least twice a year alongside the fire alarm system maintenance, as well as routine checks on the areas and systems during regular fire drills. These inspections should verify that all communication systems are operational, signage is clear, and the area remains accessible and free from obstructions.

Legal requirements for Disabled Refuge Areas vary by region, but generally, buildings, especially multi-story buildings, are required to provide safe refuge areas for individuals with disabilities. Regulations typically mandate the inclusion of communication systems, proper signage, and construction standards to ensure fire resistance. Compliance with these regulations is essential to ensure the safety of all occupants and avoid legal penalties.

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