Fire Alarm Monitoring

At Assured Fire and Security, we understand that timely detection and response to fire incidents, 24 hours a day are crucial for safeguarding lives and property. 

Fire Alarm Monitoring Services

Fire emergencies can occur without warning, and every second counts when it comes to protecting what matters most. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive Fire Alarm Monitoring service that ensures your premises are constantly monitored. Our goal is to provide unparalleled peace of mind and enhance safety for all our clients.

Choosing Assured Fire and Security means investing in the safety and security of your property and its occupants. Our comprehensive fire alarm monitoring services are designed to provide you with the highest level of protection, giving you the confidence that your premises are safeguarded against fire hazards.

What we offer

Our experienced team of fire safety professionals is always available to offer guidance and support, ensuring your systems are functioning optimally.

Installation & Setup

Our certified technicians will install and configure your fire alarm systems, integrating them with our monitoring centres.

Continuous Monitoring

Your systems are monitored 24/7 by our trained operators who are ready to act at a moment's notice.

Regular Maintenance

We provide ongoing maintenance and system checks to ensure your fire alarms are always in peak condition.

Emergency Response

If a fire is confirmed, we quickly notify the local fire department and your emergency contacts, ensuring help is on the way.

Fire Alarms Monitoring FAQs

Fire alarm monitoring involves connecting your fire alarm system to a central monitoring station that operates 24/7. When an alarm is triggered, the system sends a signal to the monitoring centre, where trained professionals assess the situation and, if necessary, alert emergency services and designated contacts. This ensures a rapid response to potential fire incidents, minimising damage and enhancing safety.

Fire alarm monitoring is beneficial for a wide range of properties, including residential buildings, commercial offices, industrial facilities, schools, hospitals, and retail spaces. Any property where the safety of occupants and protection of assets is a priority can benefit from our monitoring services. We offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of different types of properties.

If a fire alarm is triggered accidentally, our monitoring center will immediately assess the situation. Operators will contact the property to verify the alarm and determine if emergency services are needed. If it is a false alarm, the operators will stand down and log the incident. Continuous monitoring helps to minimise false alarms and ensure that only genuine threats receive emergency response.

Regular testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems is crucial to ensure their reliability. The British Standard for fire alarm systems in non domestic properties (BS5839-1) states that different manually operated devices should be tested once a week by the occupier, and that the system should undergo professional maintenance checks at least twice a year by competent persons. Our team provides comprehensive maintenance services, including system inspections, battery replacements, and performance tests with specialist tools and equipment, to keep your alarms in optimal condition. All testing should be logged in the systems Log Book.

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